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Are my doors ready for the rainy season?

A rainbow over the Brucar shopping mall
Southern California is known for its weather

It is easy to get comfortable in our warm dry environment with it being sunny and warm with little moisture on most days. 

But don’t be fooled!   It does get cold!  Then come the forecasts: RAIN!   Sometimes for days with no break.  This past week for example, we had record rainfall

Aside from the very real dangers of mudslides due to fire damage, and slippery roads due to the buildup of oils on the roads mixing with rain water, we have noticed another lingering issue that arises during these periods of wetness.  When it rains, moisture causes many wooden doors to swell, which makes locking a deadbolt difficult, if not impossible.  It does not matter which brand of lock you have: Schlage, Kwikset or even Baldwin. This is a matter of the door, not the lock.   

Getting to this point where the deadbolt does not fit perfectly into the door frame, happens over time.  Here are a few warning signs and tips to check if your doors are heading in that direction:

  • It is difficult to lock the deadbolt, either with key from the outside/inside or with thumb turn from inside.  If you need to use pressure to lock or unlock your deadbolt with your key, chances of that key breaking in the lock are high and can cause a major inconvenience for you.
  • The gap at the top of your door between the door frame and actual door is noticeably uneven.  Slight unevenness is normal due to the weight of the door pulling at the hinges but a larger difference in the gap is an indicator of bigger problems to come if you don’t take care of it now. 
  • You have installed weather stripping and you must use pressure to close the door and lock the deadbolt.

 Just in the past week, Brucar Locksmith has gotten numerous calls from clients that had trouble locking their deadbolt due to the door swelling.  Many of these clients had issues with their deadbolt prior to the rain but kept putting it off.  We can understand that, being human and all.  But what if we told you that taking care of your deadbolts and doors now, instead of waiting until next week or month, could save you money and time? 

One of the most important things you can do to keep your family and home safe and secure is to make sure your doors and locks are working properly now.  Things will come up whether it be a burglary attempt or some rain.  No one plans for this.  Don’t get stuck outside this rainy season. 

Bottom line, everything should work and move smoothly and easily.  If that is not the case with your home or office, give us a call.

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