Choosing the right hardware

Don’t go at it alone! We offer professional advice for FREE

Buying a new gate that you plan to install a ‪lock‬ on? Talk to a ‪‎locksmith‬ before hand so that what you want can not only be done, but done the way you want it.

Brucar Locksmith is always willing and able to be a part of the planning process, so that when it is time to install locks, there are no surprises.  Know you have a professional on your team to help you make educated decisions regarding doors‬, locks, ‪‎keys‬, ‪gates‬, ‪‎safe‬ etc.

There is no cost for offering our professional advice. Call today for assistance in choosing locks for a new door, gate or if you are looking for a safe but just don’t know what is best. 805-241-0777

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