Choosing a Locksmith

Don’t be fooled, a local number does not always mean a local company

Another client story that is worth sharing:  A man comes in to Brucar Locksmith’s store today to make a copy of a key.  He tells us how happy he is to have found a local locksmith that has a store that is real!

He has some rental properties in the Conejo Valley and a few weeks ago, while on vacation, he got a call from a tenant who was locked out of an inside door in one of the properties.  The owner called a “local” locksmith and when the “locksmith” arrived, he told them it would be over $400.00.  This was on a weekday at 5:30 pm.  Luckily, they had more sense than to fall for such a price.  After doing some research, the client found that the company was NOT local, but they were in Michigan!

He then asked me, ” what would you charge for this?”  Our quote for a lockout is about $65.00.  Depending on the situation (time of night, condition of door lock) the price should not have gotten over $120.00.

Moral of the story?  Just because a service company you find online has a local phone number, does not mean they are in the area.  And if they claim $15-$19 to come out, beware of how quickly the price will go up past that initial quote. Especially when dealing with your security, find a company BEFORE you need it.

For your locksmith needs, Brucar Locksmith is based out of Thousand Oaks and has a storefront near your local Trader Joe’s.  You know us.  Put our number in your phone, give it to a neighbor, put it in your kids or parents cell phone.  Our promise to you is that we will always give the best service for the best prices.   24 hours a day 7 days a week!

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